UniLoad + UniDos + Mass storage
Uniload+UniDos+Mass storage
the sowrd of Lanna
OCP Art Studio + Kempston mouse
Host mouse to CPC
SkeeShooter + Trojan gun
Light Gun emulation

ACE-DL, not just another Amstrad CPC/Plus/GX-4000 Emulator

You want a substantial update? Catch this! This is our Christmas gift :)

- Almost all floppy formats decoded thanks to Lone (EDSK, HFE, SCP, CTRAW, IPF)
- new ROM packages for easy use (Unidos, SYMBOS, Orgams, iMPDraw)
- Digiblaster and AMdrum for 8bits PCM output
- SSA-1, DK-Tronics and Techni-Musique speech synthesisers for hardware speech output
- PlayCity with 6 additional audio channels + programmable interrupts
- Play2CPC with 3 additional audio channels + cartridge support + VROM (512K RAM expansion mapped as ROM)
- Magnum Light Phaser Gun, Gunstick, Trojan Light Phaser, WestPhaser
- Kempston Mouse (best with OCP), AMX Mouse, SYMBiFACE-Mouse
- Dandanator for cartridge support with dedicated mapping
- Nova (NVRAM+RTC for Unidos) and SYMBiFACE RTC (for SYMBOS)
- X-MASS / IDE-HDD for Unidos or SYMBOS
- Albireo dual mapping storage for direct access with host files
- Audio ultra low latency mode (use carefully)
- Bugfixes (drive B eject, nop counter, breakpoint manager refresh, rom configuration reload, CPU load in trace...)

BTW, latest RASM for developpers is still a good choice Download Right NOW!

Current version Christmas 2023, you can see a presentation on YouTube
UniDOS manual is available online

Windows download => x64 version or x86 version
MacOS download => All versions
Linux download => Ubuntu 22.04 version(right-click + save as)

UniLoad beta with 300+ games (unzip archive in albireo1 folder AND CHECK Video for help)
=> Download 60M ZIP
SymbOS HDD image with a LOT of pre-installed stuff (Thanks Prodatron!)
The file must be unzip in private/xmass emulator subfolder
=> Download 40M ZIP
Download SYMBOS Beta 4 HERE and unzip in ROM emulator directory

UniLoad + SymbOS
Uniload X-Mass + SymbOS
Using the OS

- In order to run easily SymbOS, first unzip the HDD image in private/xmass folder of the emulator.
- Select SYMB_OS_Beta4 ROM pack (demonstration was SYMB_OS 3 + Unidos)
- Rise up RAM to 576KB to be comfortable
- Then configure Plugins with SYMBiMouse + SYMBiFACE RTC + XMASS
- Do not forget to select the proper HDD image in the plugins manager
- Type-in |SYM in the emulator, that's it!

- In the Video it's a slow launch with Unidos, this is a deprecated method

I'm about to repeat myself, but ACE-DL is still in its infancy and still needs a lot of ergonomic development. Adding the final touches is thankless and difficult but we will rise to the challenge!